Thanks Coach

What I learned from scaling up;

  • Audaciously aim high,

  • Aim for what matters, what makes a difference,

  • Be singularly focused,

  • Know your values - hire and fire on them,

  • Have crystal clear accountability, and

  • not everyone will come along with you.

Ignorance was bliss. It won’t seem like you are getting anywhere as the further you focus and scale the more obvious it becomes just how much work is left to be done. But, look back - you will see how far you have come.

And oh yeah, it’s harder than you think. Get a coach. My thanks to ours, Sean Evans, he pulled back the curtain, made us look where we didn’t want to, and asked the questions no one wanted to answer. But most importantly he doesn’t leave the questions hanging, nor does he provide the answer, but instead delivers a framework by which I (you?) can solve the question, and, he has absolutely no problem calling foul if you avoid the problem, or bullshit when you go sideways and start wallowing in delusion. Does it hurt? You bet. Is it worth it? Absolutely.