A mad, mad, tech world

Apples pissed because Google is going after their phone market, and no wonder given this graph. Record quarter revenues of all time and the majority contributor is the iPhone. Talk about coming out of nowhere.

So to retaliate Apple is trying to cut into Google's advertising revenue by targeting mobile advertisements while maintaining absolute control over their platform - goodbye Flash.

Adobe can't believe Apple is cutting them out so they are going out of their way to buddy up with Android and funny enough Google doesn't mind at all if it means throwing another stone at Apple.

And while all of this is going on Facebook just overtook Google in traffic and just released plans to rule the search world by turning everything into one big social network. And if that wasn't enough they just announced Microsoft Docs for Facebook.

Which given that Microsoft is in last place in just about all of this I'm not surprised at all to see them running to Facebook to get something, anything happening. When's the last time you used Bing?

And then there's Twitter, who is just now trying to figure out how to get paid for their service while fighting off Facebook's new "Like" everything on the web API's and the very, very, half baked attempts from Google to get social - anyone used Buzz lately after they decided we should all opt in?

Crazy, but for me, very good news. It proves that no one player rules, we still have open competition where just about anyone can come out of nowhere and kick the leader in the pants. This crazy competition will continue to inspire rapid innovation while bringing the cost to you and I lower and lower. Not to mention the entertainment value of all of this.