A SaaS app that's free unless it delivers value

Interesting approach to SaaS pricing - pay for the value you receive based upon your usage of the product. I like this. It truly represents pay as you go which is what I believe all pricing schemes should be based on. We are all sick to death of contracts. Bell? Rogers? Did you hear that. Now take it one step further, you can sign up, and you won't be charged that monthly recurring fee unless you actually use the product. Who wouldn't hesitate to sign up to do that?

"Ashu Roy, eGain's CEO, explained in an e-mail response the success metric his company uses to determine when and how much a customer should ultimately pay. "Success is judged by usage, [meaning] the number of self-service sessions conducted by their end-customers each month on the clien's Web site. The more the usage, the more the success,""

via A SaaS app that's free unless it delivers value | Architecture - InfoWorld.