Apple Tablet

"First, the sure things. The Apple tablet will have a color, video-capable touchscreen, about 10 inches diagonal. It will have flash storage, WiFi networking, and few ports and hardware buttons. There will be a software keyboard. Its operating system will be based on the same core as Mac OS X and iPhone OS, and its GUI API will be an evolution of Cocoa Touch. The platform will eventually be open to third-party developers. You will be able to buy media and applications right on the device using your existing iTunes account. Some of that media will be new territory for Apple: print media like magazines, newspapers, and books. ...

Finally the wildcards. Cellular networking is the biggest question for me. Though I hope it's there, and though I think Apple puts itself at a big disadvantage versus existing e-book readers without it, I would not be surprised if the tablet starts out as WiFi only."

via Antacid tablet.