au?ton?o?my1. independence or freedom, as of the will or one's actions: the autonomy of the individual. 2. the condition of being autonomous; self-government, or the right of self-government; independence. 3. a self-governing community.

Everyone wants it but I find so few willing to take it.

Why? I can only find two reasons.

First is fear of responsibility. Autonomy implies I will take responsibility for my condition in the world and few are willing to take that chance. It is just so much easier to delegate that responsibility to your boss, your peers or your family and then bang the righteous drum if you don't end up with what you feel your due.

Second is laziness or a lack of discipline. It is easy to wait to be told what to do. To spend your free time in the pleasure of no responsibility rather than using your waking moments to define where you will go and more importantly, because little can be done alone these days, where you will take others with you. To leave at the end of the day knowing that your peers will look after you and tell you what to do when you show up the next morning has a lure in itself, it does provide some freedom but I put forward it isn't autonomy and you just might find yourself showing up to locked doors screaming how unfair it all is.

The world we live in needs autonomous players, free agents, people who are willing to put their heart and sole into the game, make their own games, and shape their own destiny. Arm chair critics and those who prefer to play it safe by putting someone in front of them to take the fall are not going to leave the chair and their destiny will always rest with those who are willing to carry them.

If you really, truly, want autonomy, park the fear, get disciplined and take charge. We all need leaders.