Brainstorming Sucks

Brainstorming is an ego game driven by the loudest and most convincing person in the room. Sometimes they are right, and it works, but most of the time they are wrong, and no good will come of it. Individual reflection on a problem to be solved, individual sketching of how that problem can be resolved, and then an “art gallery” review of all of the individual reflections and suggestions for solution, with voting for the best solution, keeping in mind that the votes are a recommendation, and ultimately the “decider” will decide, is far more productive. With the added bonus, there is nowhere to hide. Every participant has to participate. Every participant leaves the discussion more informed than when they came in. There is no checking email while the loudest person in the room carries on. They have work to do, ideas to consider, solutions to form. Not only do you get better ideas, but you also get better informed and empowered participants who have all of the knowledge they need to implement the plan that comes out of the discussion. Full credit to GV Ventures Design Sprints for making this clear to me, I just think it has far more applicability than just a design sprint. I think it can be applied in everything we do. RIP Brainstorming. Long live the Art Gallery.