Cleaning vs Disaster Recovery

Cleaning on a regular basis is tedious and never ending and it just feels like it should be something you check off and never have to do again. And that’s what most of us do. Which means we aren’t cleaning at all, instead we become very good at disaster recovery. We don’t clean up a little bit every day and as each day goes by the chaos and disorganization propagate and the mess piles higher, until... the alarm sounds, something is condemned, and all hands pile on for the big clean.

Yes, disaster recovery does get things cleaned up, but it’s disruptive and inefficient, and causes all sorts of issues in those in-between less than ideal states. It causes thrashing oscillating cycles of massive effort followed by lulls and then back to massive effort. Works great for the crisis adrenaline junky types but isn’t exactly a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

Instead, be happy cleaning up a little bit every day. Going from one room to the next and putting things in order, looking for anything that is broken, anything that could work better, or the accumulated baggage that just has no purpose anymore and is cluttering everything up and just needs to be taken to the curb.

Find joy in the never ending cycle of perpetual cleaning. And yes, works for the home, and the organization you work within.