Compensation Calculation

Your value is a factor of your craftsmanship and the number of people that you can influence to create something greater than they could on their own. Craftsmanship can take your far, but it is finite as it is limited to the output that you can deliver. Some believe that influence is derived from management, but management is command and control and it can only go as far as can be watched and directed, whereas "influence", is true leadership and it is limitless and expanding.

The factors of compensation are craftsmanship, management and influence. Each multiplying the other. Managers who can't "do" are worth nothing. Managers who can "do" but who dictate and command come with a large discount as they suck the creative inspiration and passion from those they direct. Leaders who can "do" and can inspire those they work with to produce something, in concert, that is far greater than the sum of the people influenced, are true multipliers of worth.

Within an organization these are the factors of compensatory worth. Yes, you could bully for more, politically outmaneuver others, cheat the system to take more than your worth, rob your customers wall street style, and all sorts of other weasel moves, but at the end of the day those practices won't endure and will likely end badly.