Don’t Bash My Baby

If your idea is up for review and the review isn’t going so well, and you start to get that tingling feeling of personal outrage that someone is criticizing your “baby”, you are about to blow it. Now your idea has become part of you, a representation of your ego, and your ego is under attack. And at this point the review has gone stupid, because of you, and there is no one else to blame. No higher truth will come from this review unless it is extracted by pure force. No synergy will be gained and more than likely blood, frustration, and anger will be the outcome achieved. Your idea is not you. It’s an idea. A starting point. Detach from it and put it out there to those who you need feedback from. Openly, and without ego, take the feedback, consider all of it, and make your idea better. If you get that “tingling feeling” of outrage smack yourself and remember why you are here; to make the idea better.