Facing The Mess In Front Of Us

What stops us from moving forward isn’t beyond our control. It’s a problem we have, it’s messy, and we don’t really want to deal with it, so we pretend that there are newer, shinier things that we need to do to fix the problem. Whatever thing we made up to be the problem that keeps us from looking at the real problem we have. Real world translation. We need to grow the business! We need more new features. That will solve the growth problem. Versus, what if we made the features that we have work really really well? Yes, we tried, it’s hard, and Users should just be able to figure them out and use them. But what if, they didn’t have to, what if the existing features, or maybe even fewer features, worked so well that you just never ever had to think about figuring them out. What would grow the business more? New features on top of the existing features that don’t work so well? Or, a few features that did what they do best out of everything offered?