Foursquare and Digital Signage

The Wall Street Journal just partnered with Foursquare (the location-based social network) to include their editorial tips and badges in Foursquare - how cool is that! See the full scoop from Mashable here.

I think the next extension of this is to take location based social networking further and put a signpost up to let everyone know that there is more happening right here, right now, then you see in the physical world. There is a digital world happening around this location and you, the customer, passerby should check it out. I think the missing ingredient in location based social networking is the advertising of the virtual world for this physical location.

How neat would it be to have interactive signage in your business that not only show's your menu, latest video's, today's specials, whatever, but it also gives you a quick and easy way to become a fan on Facebook or follow them on Twitter and also show what's happening right now on Foursquare with your business and maybe your neighbors.

I think this would be one great content gadget for digital signage.