Gartner interviews Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google

Very interesting video. Highly recommend watching the whole thing. What struck me:

  • Chrome OS will lower net book (display appliance?) costs by a factor of 5 or 10 within 1 year - "Can you be an early adopter?"
  • "Wave is a message board on steroids
  • The Internet will be Chinese within 5 years
  • 5 years is a factor of 10 by Moores Law - computers 10 times more powerful than they are today within 5 years
  • Within 5 years ubiquitous 100mb+ broadband everywhere - tv, video, radio - all will blur into one delivery mechanism
  • Google builds platforms, not vertical applications
  • We will not trap user data - "the data liberation front" - data comes in and out of the cloud without barriers
  • Knocking down mobile application barriers and tying the mobile app to corporate data
  • Twitter and Facebook - "rather not talk about it... watch the space" - implication being something unexpected will shake down
  • HTML 5 supersedes Gears, HTML 5 is supported within powerful browsers - implication being Chrome
  • User generated information will replace traditional sources

If the above is an inevitable trend, how do you surf it (it pushes you) rather than fall off the back of the wave?