Google Apps Marketplace

Rumor has it Google is about to release a marketplace for third party applications built upon or in conjunction with their Google Apps product offering. What's this mean for me?

  • Google Apps provides the infrastructure and the means to create amazing applications with little to no start-up cost or worry about maintenance, hardware, service level agreements, etc. etc.
  • There is no "app approval board" to review, approve or censor what I create.
  • My app can run on practically any browser I want to target it at.
  • My app can run on practically any operating system I want to use.
  • My app can run on any device I want to support - from smart phones, to "slates" (notice I didn't say iPad's), netbooks, notebooks. desktops and even dedicated, one purpose, appliances.
  • And now I can decide, if I want to, to use the Google marketplace to eliminate one other barrier that I might have to face or create, I can choose to sell my app in their store rather than create my own if I want to. Google can become my means of distribution should I choose to take that route.

Life is getting more and more interesting as each day passes.