Google Apps Marketplace Just Shipped

As a developer, if I choose to use Google Apps as my platform it means I don't have to do anything about:

  • Hosting
  • Global Access
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Scalability
  • User Authentication
  • and now with the creation of the marketplace my sales and marketing efforts are less, or at the very least easier, and within the next few months I won't have to bother setting up an online store either.

And I can use the Google development environment for free, my developers can be anywhere, and by doing all of the above my maintenance work and subsequent deployments are extremely simple. In other words my on-going costs are far less versus traditional development approaches.

Interesting. Give up control, or at least a sense of control, in return for total concentration on the thing that your application should do better than anyone else and be able to lower your costs while providing increased value - by focussing exclusively on the thing that your app thingy should do better than anyone else. But I said that already.

Total control versus complete focus on what you do best with lower costs.

Decisions, decisions, decisions...