Building The Farm Team - Decision Making

To build leadership and decision making skills and to encourage the growth and participation of everyone we want to push every decision down. Not up. Further, we don’t want any decisions being made that are arbitrary and done in private, regardless of where you are at in the organization, and if fairly junior we don’t want you shouldering the burden on your own, and possibly the company suffering the consequences of your inexperience. For all of these reasons every decision maker should:

  • Ask themselves if there is someone on their team that could learn from making this decision more so than they will, and if so, they pass the decision to them,
  • and regardless of who is deciding, the decision maker must seek advice from whom they deem to have more experience on the subject before they make their decision. No advice. No decision is made. This applies to everyone. No one should ever be surprised that a decision was singularly made with no advice.

The company stands behind the decision maker, no second guessing, until the outcome of the decision is proven wrong, if ever. And of course decisions won’t be right all of the time. Which is fine. We can learn and adjust as we go. What isn’t fine are surprises - decisions made in private with no advice sought or given.

Extrapolated from from Bakkes Top 10.