How to work on the hard stuff? Delegate.

Delegation is the opportunity for others to learn what you already know well. You give others the chance to learn and grow, especially if you delegate with authority and empowerment. And, by delegating you have the opportunity to move from your comfort zone into the unknow, the really big problems, the big problems that you have been avoiding because you are too busy because you haven’t delegated the work that you should have. You are holding on to the crutch of not delegating which is nothing other than avoidance of the hard stuff, the stuff you could fail on. Or possibly worse, you are doing the work that should be delegated while trying to tackle your next big challenge. You are burning the candle at both ends and approaching the big problems that only you can tackle with no recovery, no fresh perspective, just exhausted doggedness. The end result being that the routine that you know so well isn’t being done as best it should and the new challenges will remain in a frustrated state of never getting anywhere.  Bottom line is that your co workers that want to grow, don’t grow, you don’t grow, and your organization moves nowhere. All because you won’t delegate. What could you work on that makes a difference if you had half or more of your time available for it?