I love unruly lots

I think there are three types of teams and probably a million more in between, but for this purpose let's look at the two extremes and one in the middle. At the worst extreme is a team that is dysfunctional. They don't like what their doing and who their doing it with. They don't like where the team is going. They are along for the ride for as long as it takes them to get off. This situation sucks for everyone. The people involved, the funder, users, clients, everyone. No one wants to be in a team situation like this.

In the middle of the curve you have a team that works on the surface. People have signed up because they don't mind the people their with, they don't mind what the team is doing and they didn't have anything better to do anyways. They show up on time, wait in line to be told what to do and generally like cruising along with everyone else, and oh yeah, every now and then they will look up and consider the overall objectives and throw their thoughts in on how to get there if anyone asks.

At the other end of the extreme we have the third type of team. They are an unruly lot. Barely manageable. Usually rude. The only thing they all have in common is they all love the outcome that everyone is after and they don't give a damn about what it will take to get there. They are constantly giving advice, making decisions and asking for forgiveness later and no one who has half a brain cares cause these people get things done -  they are goal focused. Notice I didn't say that they question the goal. They are 100% on board with where this team wants to end up. They just question why it is taking so long to get there and why everyone else is holding them back. They have allot of opinions on how to get there faster.

If you belong to, fund or are counting on one of the first two team types, well let's just say life is too short to hang out there for long, and if you managed to land yourself in the midst of the unruly lot, prepare to be amazed and hang on, what a ride it will be.