It Is Going To Get Faster

I realized a long time ago that rate of change is exponential, not linear, and that multiplier of events, the speeding up of change, was due to our ability to specialize, communicate and share. What I just realized is that the industrial age was the process. The schools teach you to take direction well, someone tells you what to do, and you execute. Works great on a factory floor. But, that's going the way of the dodo. The industrial age is dying, long live the creative age. Today, we as individuals can execute to our maximum potential, not the lowest common denominator. Small teams are crushing giants in their wake. Desktop manufacturing. Computing power on your phone that could only be found at MIT 40 years ago. Crowd sourcing. And I could go on.

What happens when we all start executing rather than standing around waiting to be told what to do? Holy crap will rate of change explode.