Live the Adventure! Make A Process

Without a defined and followed process you are reinventing your work each and every day. Your work is not repeatable, and as such it can’t be used as an experiment. If there is no repeatable experiment there is no systematic learning. You are random and you can’t tell what works from one day to the next. You are non-repeatable. To some process sounds like a waste of time, a boring bureaucracy that is the last thing that you want to work within. To others this is the most exciting thing that could possibly happen. They have something that they can actually measure and learn from each and every day. They have built into their process continuous improvement such that they take charge of their evolution and continuously use the measure and learn cycle to change how they work. They are an evolving organization that systematically challenges themselves on a regular cycle to test how they work and improve upon it. That is process. This isn’t a bureaucracy or waste of time. This is the most exciting thing that you can do each and every day. You don’t randomly have life and work act on you, you act on life. Live the adventure. Get predictable and repeatable. But don’t stop there. Add measure and learn to everything you do, use the findings to tweak and build. Make a process, follow it, measure the effectiveness of it, determine how to make an improvement and at the same time how to measure if it works, make the change, measure it, learn, and repeat.