Measure the Day

Does every person on your team know what a good day looks like?

Do they know what goal posts they are aiming for? One set. Not two or more, or some part-time, only on Monday’s goal post. One set. One target. And it is a stretch.

Do they have the freedom to make the call for how they are going to get there?

Have they incrementally earned that freedom? Have they demonstrated that they have the passion and competencies to make the calls? Are they responsible and accountable for it?

At the end of every day can they quantifiably measure the day and answer “yes, I made good progress, I had a good day. Or no, I didn’t have a good day. I know I didn’t, because my measure is off. I know why. And because I know why, I know what needs to be done tomorrow.

And when the day is measured and it is a good one, do you pause, celebrate and recognize the achievement?