Merry Christmas!

This has been quite the year! 

We've added tens of thousands of accounts.

We light up displays in 115 countries, which I think is just the coolest. I love to cruise our interactive map and visit all of the nooks and crannies of the globe that have a display powered by us.

We hired our friends at to take us from a release or two per quarter, to twenty or more per day.

We tripled the size of our development team!

We found and got involved with their wonderful web design community, three of whom are working with us now.

We finally launched our store.

We realized we truly suck at UX and hired to help put the infrastructure in place to bring on our own UX designer, I know, what took so long!

Through all of this our community has taken on a life of it's own, and I think that is what I am most proud of, and

my co-workers worked their butts off to make all of this happen. Someone asked me the other day what our turn-over rate was and I couldn't remember the last time someone left for other pastures. We have an incredibly dedicated team.

And on a personal note my family put up with my insane schedule, thank you family!

Pretty remarkable year. 

I admit there were times when it was a bit overwhelming, but looking back, it was an incredible year!

So whatever you call this holiday season, take time if you can to pause, reflect and be thankful. I know I will. For me, it's Merry Christmas, so from me to you, MERRY CHRISTMAS, enjoy this time whatever you may call it and let's all look to make big moves in the new year.