Mind The Gap

There is always a gap.

A difference between where we are and what’s next.

That discrepancy can make you crazy. You can obsessively focus on what must be done to resolve it, forgetting to enjoy what has been done.

And, every time you close a gap your eyes open a little further. You learn a little bit more. The veil of ignorance is lowered a fraction more, and voila - you see the next gap, which is bigger than the one you just closed and thought would be the last.


If we pause and reflect, and look at the curve of success behind us, we realize that it isn’t straight, it’s actually exponential and gaining speed.

If we focus there, celebrate, and then continue to chip away, reasonably and calmly, not obsessively, not with frustration about the gap, but with the celebration of the opportunity that the gap brings.

Things change.

It moves from we’re screwed, this won’t ever be right.

To we have come so far, what’s next.