Next release OS and Browser Questions

There are a lot of questions floating around about our next release, but probably the second biggest one, right after "when will it ship?" is "what's the target OS?".

Here's what we're testing against and barring any major setbacks, we will release with:

Our supported operating systems are Windows XP and 7, Linux and Mac OS X.

On each of these OS's we are testing the web management app user interface under the Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE8 browsers and the actual Player that drives the display can work in any of the above operating systems and it uses the Chromium browser.

Yes, you will be able to reduce the operating system costs of your Players to zero and everyone can work with the web app in the OS and browser of their choice. Once the Chromium OS ships we see no reason at this time to not support it and further reduce the footprint of our Player.