Reviews Are Expensive

Reviews are expensive. Start with text, then simple wireframes, once agreed full colour mock ups, and then build it in html, JS, or whatever. Only bugs should be addressed at this final development stage. There should be no review changes after you start building because you caught them all in text, wireframes and mockups. You caught them when it was really cheap and easy to adjust and fix.

Whenever you post for review you open a new google doc if just starting, or the same doc you had the last review in, put today’s date right at the top, make it explicit as to who you want feedback from, you give everyone a reasonable deadline to respond by, and then you list all of the links to the review materials, and right below each link you tell your reviewers exactly what changed since the last review and finally what is still open to be changed or addressed.

As your reviewers add their comments you address and close all of them. You collate the feedback and confirm next steps.

You then repeat, adding the next review, with a date stamp, at the top of the doc, until everyone agrees it looks good and you can move to the next stage; wireframe, mockup or build it. The review doc should read like a diary of the review progress in descending order.