Rise Vision Website

A few revisions to the Rise Vision website went up today. To be honest, long overdue. Too many references to old stuff and broken links everywhere. We tried to simplify things and make it really clear about what we do. If you're a reseller, what do you need to do to join the program, and if your an end user how do you go about finding a reseller so that you can subscribe to the Rise Display Network with all of the added benefits that your reseller brings.

Still not completely thrilled with the end result, but we're getting there. Any suggestions or reports of things not working are more than welcome!

Next up is tackling how we manage and showcase images. Our goal is to use a readily available service, like Picasa as the repository, and let everyone who wants to, post their favorite installs, content examples, etc there - feel free to watermark them so that you get full credit for what you did - and we want to use a Google Gadget (yes, this is the target content for our next version!) for showcasing them as carousels, galleries, etc. on the site. Would like to have this up by mid April. Will keep you posted.