If I have a scarcity world view:

  • I horde what I have
  • I focus on keeping what I have
  • I constantly compare what I have to what you have
  • I play me too - if you get that than I get this - if you do that, then I get to do this
  • I have closed dialogues - not open and sharing discussions
  • I assume distrust

Pretty easy to see that scarcity will just beget scarcity. It doesn't create anything. It is a negative worldview that leaves all of us fighting over a smaller and smaller pie.

Throw out scarcity! Get generous. Share what you have. Celebrate the rewards of others. Forget me too and start the dialogue about what could be created together from what we have together. Trust till proven otherwise. A generous worldview creates - a scarcity driven mentality is a problem rather than goal oriented view and it creates nothing.