Shiny New Tools

Buying shiny new tools from Home Depot because they are on sale, or worst, you’re just wowed with them and dreaming about how you are going to use them one day, is a waste. Embarrassing to admit but I have a few unopened boxes that fall into this category.

Know what you want to make, what it will do for you, and buy the tools to get the job done within the return on investment that you are going after. In other words… I want to make this thing to solve some problem that I have. If I do this right it will have some benefit for me, some measure of success will be achieved. I can easily do the math to know what the cost of my project is, including the tools that I need to buy to get the job done, versus the outcome it will achieve. At this point the math tells me if my project is a go, and if it is, buy the tools that I need, if it isn’t, I can save the money and the shelf space for what truly matters.