The 10 Golden Principles of Successful Web Apps

Really great talk from my favorite VC on the Golden Principles of Successful Web Apps. The main points that hit me are below but definitely hear it straight from Fred Wilson on Vimeo.

Speed - "speed is more than a feature, it is a requirement" ... "see's this more with main stream users than power users" ... uses pingdom, reviews weekly for every one of their portfolio companies
Instant Utility - "instantly useful to you" ... "useful right out of the box"
Voice - "software is the new media" "it has to have a personality"
Less is More - "do one little thing" .. "that you do all the time"... "really well"
Programmable - "others can build on top of, connect to, add to, in some way" ... "if it is not read/write it is not an API"
Personal - "infused with your user's enegery" ... the more that your users can contribute the more ownership they will take and advocate for you - backgrounds, data, skins...
RESTful - "in a REST architecture your resources have a URL and they can be called at that URL" "what I mean by this is a bit of a bastardization" everything has a clean URL, everything can be accessed by an easily comprehensible and memorable URL - it can be sent by email, posted to social media...
Discoverable - "your application has to be built from the ground up to be discovered by Google" ... "social media" ... "viral" ... "you can't pour virality into an app, it has to be built from the ground up to support this"
Clean - "the application cannot be busy on the page" ... "big fonts" ... "very inviting" ... "people know right away what to do" ... "tumblr login is a good example"
Playful - "the ability to play in an application is really important" ... "make it a game" ... Foursquare badges, LinkedIn relationships, Twitter followers, Facebook friends