The Daily Scrum Stand Up

Forget about what you did stories and what you will do next diatribes. Talk goals! Talk improvements! The stand-up starts with the Scrum Master recounting where the team is at with the goal for the sprint, how we are doing with implementing our improvement, and what blocks we have that need to be cleared ASAP. Then each member of the team recaps if they hit their goal for yesterday, and if not why not and if blocked what the block is, and they state what their goal is for today.  No stories. If there are issues save them for the end. Once everyone has presented their update the team has a quick chat about any open issues and once closed the Scrum Master recaps where the team is at with the goals and improvement for the week, what the goals for the day are, and they summarize any blocks or issues to bring to the Scrum of Scrums team. Quick rule of thumb is 1 to 3 minutes per team member. If you have 5 team members you should be done in under 5 minutes and at most 15 and then you are off and running for your day. Any longer than that and there is something wrong.