The Most Valuable Skill To Have, Look For, and Cultivate

If the exponentially increasing rate of change in the world is attributable to the ever increasing interconnectedness of everything, and everyone - we communicate faster and better than we have ever done before - then I don’t think it is a stretch to say that the most valuable skill that a person can bring to an organization is communication.

More so today, than ever before, and even more so tomorrow.

I use the term communication loosely to mean the ability to collect, research, filter, compile, prioritize, disseminate and share information. If the world and it’s resources, and your organization and it’s resources, are available to you from your keyboard, and you have the ability to be the hub for connecting the two, then that is truly valuable.

You may not be the best at doing X, but if you are the best at figuring out how to do X, finding others who do X, inspiring and facilitating how your company does X - all by being the best at communicating, that is far more valuable than being great at X, but sucking at communication.