Time Well Spent

What if we only measured time well spent? We didn't track where we spend our time on the whole, rather, we just know how much time we spend each and every day on really worthy stuff. What's worthy? Sleeping is one. We can't do anything unless we are well rested. Learning, reading, writing, exercising and shipping what really matters are others. We could also throw in recreation, family time, and socializing, if you tend to over work and need more work life balance, or if the problem goes the other way take it out. What wouldn't we track? Standing over people's shoulders while they work just to make sure they are doing it right, answering email, pointless meetings, mindless channel / YouTube flipping, moving stuff from A to B just because it needs to be done and it makes us feel like we accomplished something, and all of the other time pits that we all fall into.

What if we took that worthy time and we charted it against the 24 hours we have each day. Time well spent is green, the rest of the day is red, and we used this metric to really bring to our attention just how much time, in this very finite life we have, we waste each and every day. Now that would be an interesting chart as compared to how many steps I took today - which I still don't get - but that's another story.