Video stream based on Twitter timeline

Looking for video content for your digital signage? Interesting product from nowmov. As their tagline says "What's the world watching now?". Their product provides an endless stream of YouTube videos in a very clean and simple site that analyzes the Twitter public timeline to look for commonly shared YouTube links. Could be a very interesting product for digital signage content - TV replacement anyone? And, if you could take it one step further to make the timeline location aware so that you could narrow the interests even further that would be cool. For example I'm in Toronto, show me all videos that Toronto is following now, or another twist, use any element of the Twitter search API to narrow my interests or jump on the Facebook social graph bandwagon and see what the world is "liking" right now.

According to a YouTube video, Socialnomics, just posted 2 days ago, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and in the time it takes to watch their video (4 minutes and 25 seconds) over 100 hours of video will be uploaded. Doesn't seem like there will be any shortage of great content to keep us entertained and if that content is crowd sourced what a great way to keep what is relevant, right now, and I mean right, right, right, now, on your screens to entertain your audience. To put it all in perspective, video content should be crowd sourced in real-time, using social media to direct it, and nothing better to put that in perspective than the YouTube video on just that: