What's a goal?

It's honest. It is something you truly want for yourself or that you can align with as part of a team. You believe in it. You can see it. It isn't an easy milestone but you can see that if you get creative you could achieve it. It isn't "me too". It is derived from the creativity of what you and, or, your organization wants.

It isn't expressed out of fear; "I must lose 100lbs or I will die", "we must ship that product or go bankrupt". It is based upon creating something rather than avoiding the negative consequences of something else. It doesn't solve problems, it creates solutions.

It's based upon a long term viewpoint. It is at least 25 years in the making or it contributes to a goal that is 25 years in the making.

It's quantifiable. It's easy to describe the current situation as compared to the goal and achievement or progress is non-debatable because the results are non-subjective. Okay, not always possible, but let's call non-subjective goals, our goal for goal creation. You get the idea. I hope.

It has an owner. Singular only please, not plural. Someone owns this goal. It is up to you or someone you depend upon to make it happen.

It has a timeline, a due date that generates creative tension and momentum to get the goal done.

That's it. Pretty simple. How do your goals compare?