Why Chrome OS and Packaged Apps

To succeed you have to improve faster than the competition.

Your speed of improvement is tied to how fast you can change and evolve.

The largest factor contributing to how fast you evolve (your rate of change) is communication.

The foundation of communication is connection.

The Internet is the most powerful means of connection.

Given the above your tools have to begin with the premise of connection and then work backwards from there.

Starting from the desktop and then figuring out how you can collaborate online is wrong.

Start from collaborating online (the browser) and then improve the tools that you need - use Chrome Packaged Apps to make your online app work offline.

Eliminate the need to configure, maintain and secure your devices. Walk up to anything, anywhere; desktop, tablet, phone, whatever, login, and have everything that you need to collaborate, right then and there.

And from the tool developers point of view eliminate the need to write for the OS; WIndows, Mac and Linux, and instead focus on the browser and only the browser. 1 effort, multiple results. And BTW, it won't be long, I put forward, before Packaged Apps run on Android and iOS. Which is why I don't think Android is the end goal for apps. It is too limited IMHO.

That's why I like Chrome OS and Packaged Apps!