6 Steps to Subscription Growth

6 steps to a successful subscription business;

Product - have something people want, and PEOPLE are the smallest slice of a tribe that you can imagine, preferably a slice that has lots of room to go up and sideways, start at the bottom - be disciplined, be a snob, only talk to your target customer, know the persona inside and out, only service your customer. Did I mention that YOU ONLY SERVICE YOUR CUSTOMER?

Sell it - tell people about it, and yes it might not scale, but that comes later, get started, get target customers, LISTEN TO THEM, and keep tweaking the product to make sure it moves beyond nice to have to must have - can’t do without.

Retain - you have a product, you know your customer, they will buy your product, don’t mess that up - make sure your customers are happy, don’t lose them, if you can’t get to negative churn, stop, stay here till you can.

Expand - and this is where things start happening in parallel, give them a reason to buy more, you have already won them over, trained them to pay you, and they are loyal, now do it all over and give them the means to buy more of what you have, or add on’s to what you have, or even better, both.

Refer - you have a “tribe”, they like your product, they are loyal, and they will buy more from you, before you spend too much on expansion make sure you make it easy for them to tell 2 friends.

Market - the “tribe” values what you do and they will tell their friends, you get them, you’re a credible guide, you have a history, you have testimonials, and you know your customer better than they know themselves, now tell the world, be discoverable, and crank the marketing automation - let sales focus on the higher end and “automation” takes care of everything else - now your are scalable.

Exponential actually.

Have at it!