Don't Mix Meeting Types

2 types of meetings;

Status - keep everyone informed and identify problems. The goal is to share where a team is at with those who need to know in as short a time as possible. The team sticks to their turf and they work within their sphere of influence. If a cross team dependency is blocking something it’s okay to identify it, but don’t take on solving a problem for another team.

Decide - solve problems. Tackle one, maybe two, problems. This is a focused, all persons at 110% concentration, work it through and be decisive meeting. Only those who have expertise at solving the problem and skin in the game need attend. Kick the chickens out.

Don’t mix the two meeting types. They require completely different thought processes. Small problems, less than 30 seconds to solve, can be addressed at status meetings, otherwise if tough problems are identified at a status meeting pick an owner of the problem, one owner, and let them pick a date by when they will solve it. If they need help, they will call a “Decide” meeting to solve the problem they own.