Angry Person Multiplier

Something isn’t right and you can’t believe the other person just doesn’t get it, and fix it, anyone in their right mind would see this. You wait, and you wait, and you get more and more frustrated and that frustration turns into anger that just bursts out. The recipient, not being a mind reader, is not surprisingly, SURPRISED. They could take the high road and calmly ask what’s wrong, what did I miss, or they could behave just as badly as the aggressor and immediately move to not my problem, what the hell is wrong with you. Two people yelling what the hell is wrong with you which usually ends in FU and best case detente settles in until a distraction cools the situation and the problem simmers waiting for the next boiling point, or they part ways under less than amicable circumstances. Either way 2 angry people multipliers are the worst case scenario.

- or -

Best case. I have a problem that you could help me out with. Recipient is curious and receptive to the candid dialogue. They genuinely seek to understand the others viewpoint. Both parties agree to resolve, or agree to disagree and work out how they don’t overlap, or just decide this problem is not going away and it’s best they don’t work together anymore. Very productive and respectful.

Semi best case. One party is rational and they guide the discussion to resolution or pull the pin on the crazy one and just don’t let that stupidity in their life anymore.