Getting The Details Right

Getting the details right, sweating the small stuff, being really careful to make sure everything that matters is covered, means having enough detail about the really important stuff to know what you have is right. Right? Sort of. If you go too far, start detailing the things that don’t matter, burying the forest for the trees, and spending money on all of this which means taking money away from what matters, then no, you are going too far and you are achieving the exact opposite of what you set out to do. As soon as “clarification of the solution to the problem” becomes the “problem of how to clarify the hypothesis for the solution to the problem” you are screwed. You have lost the patience and goodwill of your reviewers and you are more than likely just getting the sound of crickets or nodding heads to every validation posted for consideration. Unwind, undo, and redo, dead, elegantly, simple, is the best way to sweat the details.