Leaders and (not at!) the Bar

I want a leader who pushes me and everyone around me to do better - to raise the bar. I don't want them to give me excuses as to why I can't do it, create long stories to rationalize my shortcomings, or make it so cozy that I just don't mind missing my targets.

I want them to tell me clearly what the goal is, describe honestly where I am at, and then demand that I get rid of any discrepancy between where I am and the objective I have. If the goal is what I want then I'm going to be into it, I'm going to be inspired to be pushed to achieve it. If I'm not inspired and I don't really want it then a true leader is going to push me to poop or get off the pot, so to speak.

This is leadership from my perspective. It aligns mutual goals and pushes all of us to achieve more than what we could without it. Too bad it is such a rare commodity.