Reality Sucks

That's why most of us make stuff up about the reality of our current situation. We are dishonest and manipulative about it to make ourselves feel better. And we will go to great pains to protect our made up version of the story - cause that is all it is - a story. It isn't reality and it isn't the truth. However, what most people don't realize is that if your on a journey and you have places to go, people to see and goals to accomplish, then fooling yourself and others about reality is a really bad idea. If I can't describe and therefore don't know where I am how can I possibly plot a course to where I want to go? And worse yet, if I am the leader of an organization and I convince others that my made up story is true, how can those who follow me truly plot their course?

Making up stories and defending those stories takes allot of energy. You have to first make them up, defend them, convince others, remember them and then keep promoting them. Whereas describing a situation in gory detail and dead honesty is really simple and once done you can then immediately talk about the discrepancy between your reality and goal and what actions you need to take to get rid of the discrepancies. No more to it then that. No stories. No drama. Just next steps in the right direction for the journey you want to take. Sink yourself in reality, you get used to it after awhile and it actually starts to feel really good. Honest.