Simple solution for secure client side data on digital signage

We all run into clients that have data on their side of the firewall but they want to publish it on their digital signage which is provided by a web service - like Rise Display Network. Hence the dilemma, sending this data to the hosted digital signage content management server (on the other side of the firewall) goes against most corporate security policies, but with the latest from Opera it could become allot easier to publish that private data as client side web pages that the hosted digital signage shows. Displays within the network display the data no problem whereas a display outside of the network would not be able to get at anything.  Digital signage content people happy, IT happy, and everyone keeps the costs to a minimum by fully leveraging cloud computing for their displays. Check it out:

With Unite, users can share photos, music, notes, websites, forums and calendars - but unlike standard web apps, these apps are hosted on the user's computer.

via Your Browser is Now a Web Server: Opera Includes Opera Unite in Opera 10.10.